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    That was another pat of my

    That was another part of my childhood there.

    It would be awesome if all the mechs that combine with Servo gets available as well.

    kurochan_24's picture
    Posted by kurochan_24 on 29 November, 2012 - 09:43
    Ah Superhuman Samurai Syber

    Ah Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad. One of the two shows that featured Mathew Lawrence which I enjoyed.

    SentaiSeiya's picture
    Posted by SentaiSeiya on 29 November, 2012 - 21:15
    Don't forget Tim Curry!! Man,

    Don't forget Tim Curry!! Man, I loved that show. I actually STILL have a VHS of several episodes that I bought from Dollar General from WAY back.

    Jmann's picture
    Posted by Jmann on 30 November, 2012 - 03:53
    Wait. Tim Curry was in this

    Wait. Tim Curry was in this show?!

    ActionAwesome's picture
    Posted by ActionAwesome on 28 December, 2012 - 22:46
    YES! Looks awesome! Doesn't

    YES! Looks awesome! Doesn't sound like the downsides will bother me enough, and besides, like the end of the review suggests: I'm a fan of the character, and I will most certainly check him out! This'll be a much better replacement for the figure I never got back in the day.

    Alexx's picture
    Posted by Alexx on 30 November, 2012 - 23:27

    I think you mean 1993. Also Gridman's final attack isn't the big sword, it's the Grid Beam attack, ala Ultraman's Specium Beam.

    Anyway, Gridman is totally cool and Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad is cheesy Saved by the Bell meets Ultraman fun. SSSS is coming out on DVD soon in the US at last! I was really surprised to see they're making Ultra Act Thunder Gridman and King Gridman (Synchrom and Phormo), too. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with this toy.

    Ginrai's picture
    Posted by Ginrai on 3 December, 2012 - 12:21
    Thanks a for the catch on the

    Thanks a for the catch on the date. Not sure how I missed that! I'm waiting for BBTS to put up preorders for the two armored forms.

    Prometheum5's picture
    Posted by Prometheum5 on 3 December, 2012 - 16:25
    Different 1990s version

    Can you help me find a similar action figure? When I was a teenybopper my dad got me one that looks just like this, except black and white I stead of red and silver. And instead of sword and shield it has twin pistols that could attach to the thigh and he a big laser gun looking thing with two pincers that could form a blade and it attached to this shoulder harness device. It also had a detachable chest, back, and face mask armor. At the class the armor lifted up and revealed some thrusterish things similar to Iron Man. This had to have been back in 1993-4 or whenever the syberSquad show aired in the states. I can't remember if it was Bandai or Saban, but looking at other action figures offered, which were bulky and superhero chested and less poseable, mines was much more like this one except like I said black and white and with guns. I've been trying to find it forever but can't and it's driving me insane haha

    justphamin's picture
    Posted by justphamin on 2 August, 2017 - 09:18

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