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    • I agree this is probably a knockoff, but at the time, without a comparison, we did not know. But to be fair " the sloppy paint apps, the poorly-made gun and not to mention the fact that the toy breaks easily." - this was pretty much NECA at the time.

      JoshB   4 hours 32 min ago
    • Just one look at this toy and I can already tell that this NECA Endoskeleton is a knockoff - the sloppy paint apps, the poorly-made gun and not to mention the fact that the toy breaks easily. Granted, NECA's QC is a hit-or-miss but it's sad that there are many NECA bootlegs out there.

      makaikishi   9 hours 42 min ago
    • Ideon


      I also found in fellow CDX member Chachipower's video review that he shows what breaks on the arms at 9:25 in.


      netkid   21 hours 40 min ago
    • "The Terminator Endoskeleton provided for review by Gearbest.com. Click on the link to get your Endoskeleton!"

      Well there's your problem. Gearbest sells Knockoff/Counterfeit items. NEVER trust products from there. It's all fake garbage. Sorry bud, but you reviewed a knockoff.

      I own a LEGIT Neca Terminator Endoskeleton and it is FAR SUPERIOR to the trash shown in this review. I'll gladly do a review of the real toy for the site to set things straight here. It's a wonderful piece and doesn't deserve to be dragged through the mud by your accidental misrepresentation.

      I got nothing against CDX reviewing Knockoff/Counterfeit toys for the site AS LONG AS they are pointed out as such. There are loads of great vintage super robot knockoffs on the site that definitely deserve their moment in the sun. They have helped turn CDX into a tremendous resource for vintage and obscure knockoffs that otherwise may be forgotten to ignorance and time. That said, they are always noted as such and so should your knockoff toy review.

      netkid   23 hours 5 min ago
    • Ideon

      Ideon's arms are attached to the head section using two pinned rotational joints per arm. The joint closer to the head seems to be durable enough, but the joint further from the head is rather fragile. Since the side of the joint where the pin enters(the back of the joint) is rather thin, it can break easily (or even spontaneously). I am not sure if this is caused by the pin being too large for the hole or another factor. If a small fracture appears in the joint, it will become loose, but if too much of the joint breaks off, the arm may fall off. I bought a sealed figure roughly three years ago, and it either was broken in the box or broke after being transformed. Since the figure can still be transformed if small fractures are present, it may be better to purchase a used figure with known damage than taking a gamble on a sealed one. However, posabilty may suffer since the arms are looser.

      Combat_Armor_Dougram   1 day 12 hours ago
    • Ideon

      Hey guys,

      What's the arm breakage issue on this toy?
      Anyone have any knowledge experience with it?
      Are sealed/new ones safe to buy, or does this toy have the tendency to still break in the box, even if factory sealed, from age?

      netkid   2 days 17 hours ago
    • Albegas Gashapon Set

      What a treat. Thanks so much for showing these off because they are so dang cool. I especially liked how you curated and staged some Abegas stuff in the background and took some macro photos right on your desk. They are gashapon after all.

      jRex   4 days 4 hours ago
    • If BanDai used cheaper translucent plastic, I'd consider this one borderline bootleg or a toy that came out from a McDonald's Happy Meal box.

      I'd say this though: BanDai could learn a thing or two about Auldey's Space Deleter & Rescue Engine deluxe toyline. I'd like to make a review of all 6 robots here but EVA_Unit_4A's video reviews beat me to it.

      makaikishi   2 weeks 15 hours ago
    • Battleship Robo

      I remember getting one at a Toys R Us. The leg broke off immediately after opening the package in the car. Straight back to the store it went.

      magicsp00n   3 weeks 1 day ago
    • Ceed Commander

      Wow, there is A LOT going on with this little set. You certainly get your money's worth in terms of features. I thought the review would end but it kept pulling an Ed Valenti and saying "but wait, there's more!" What a fantastic little piece. It may be a cheap toy but it sure didn't cheap out on play value!

      netkid   3 weeks 3 days ago
    • Baikanfu

      Unlike the Bandai version, the Trans Bots version of this figure actually re-uses parts from Gardian. Rom Stol is a recolored Protteser, Kenryu has Delinger's body, arms, and thighs and Baikanfu has Garbin's body, arms, and thighs. Somehow, the makers of the figure managed to modify Baikanfu's and Kenryu's heads and lower legs to fit onto their Gardian counterparts, which may have required significant retooling, since Baikanfu's thighs seem wider than Garbin's.

      Combat_Armor_Dougram   3 weeks 6 days ago

      It's SO cute! It has such CHARM! The design, the colors, it's so friendly!

      Why don't we have motorized toys like this today?!?!

      Look at this line! Look at all the gimmicks they crammed into it! I'm sure with some modern redesigns it'd be a hit now:


      netkid   3 weeks 6 days ago
    • Space Puzzle Fighters

      We have a sealed case of these in the collection. I can snap some pics of it if you want to add them to the review. I'll just need to locate it and dig it out of storage.

      I also remember, as a child, getting these from a local (now long gone) small convenience and candy store called Treasure Chest. My brother and I would go there and get these, bubblegum cigars, and another similar set that consisted of small plastic toy airplanes you could assemble. Both toys came with a smarties-like candy. I can still remember its distinct taste. Sweet and fruity.

      The robots themselves came in blue, pink, purple, green, and I think a darker blue. Then one day when we visited, they also had neon orange and I think neon green, so they did come in many colors. I loved those robots. We used to take them apart and swap pieces around to make our own robots. They were fun little toys, and my introduction into the world of Candy Toys.

      netkid   4 weeks 6 days ago
    • Ironhide

      I could swear that gap in the back of the van mode served some purpose in the Diaclone line but I can't for my life remember what it could be.

      Tetsuryu   5 weeks 18 hours ago
    • Jetfire

      That bit of circuitry in the cockpit? You can remove it entirely and insert a Titanmaster figure in it's place. I think you can insert two more under the blue windscreen on his "backpack" as well, but it seems like it'd be a tight fit and I haven't got any to try it with.

      Tetsuryu   5 weeks 1 day ago
    • Grand Moff Tarkin

      Tarkin definitely falls more into the same lines as Obi-Wan in the early waves of Power of the Force 2; he's a lot more slim figure, but he's still got some odd proportions in the form of the giant gorilla hands that he needed to hold his oversized accessories. His head sculpt is great, but the rest of the body looks a bit weird next to the Commtech series Admiral Motti.

      Tetsuryu   5 weeks 1 day ago
    • Ironworks

      Very cool. Only Earthrise figures I have so far are Optimus and Astrotrain. Okay, technically he's a Siege figure, but I got the re-run in Earthrise packaging.

      But like Siege & Power of the Primes before, I'm hyped for this entire line.

      Optimal III   5 weeks 3 days ago
    • Iron Giant

      Thanks! Just found this and Robby the Robot at my Wal-Mart. Could not figure out how to trigger the chest effects. For the record, if you have not found him, Robby is equally awesome. So many lights!

      faelon   5 weeks 3 days ago
    • Hoth Medical Chamber

      For $15, pretty neat. For $30 MSRP, kind of itchy.

      Optimal III   5 weeks 4 days ago
    • The Mandalorian

      This show is the only good thing that came out from Star Wars after being acquired by Disney. I don't remember people buying this toy (or any of the characters since Rogue One) since the show wasn't out yet.

      But let's face it...a lot of people don't care about Star Wars anymore.

      makaikishi   5 weeks 4 days ago
    • Wow, what a horrible-looking main robot...

      And I used to think that the Deluxe Abaren-Oh looked bad.

      makaikishi   5 weeks 4 days ago
    • Ironhide

      I like them both as toys, but certainly, yes. They're the least cool Transformers toys from 1984, but they also got the most on-screen visual improvements.

      I've definitely owned worse toys.

      Optimal III   6 weeks 3 days ago
    • Refraktor

      Won't call the official alt mode terrible, but I'm glad Hasbro didn't bail on the camera mode. Even at $60 - $70 for all three, Siege Refraktor does the job. Scratches all the itches for non-Masterpiece & non-Legends/small scale needs.

      Optimal III   7 weeks 23 min ago
    • Jetfire

      Harmony Gold ruins everything. I applaud them for introducing Robotech to me back in the day, but they have been a cancer to the franchise ever since.

      JoshB   7 weeks 3 days ago
    • Jetfire

      I did not! So cool! Thanks!

      JoshB   7 weeks 3 days ago

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